A number more than nothing at all

Forthcoming gigs to be comfirmed

31/01/13 - The Latest Bar, Brighton

18/12/12 - The Caroline Of Brunswick, Brighton

19/8/12 - The Brunswick, Hove

03/5/12 - The Latest Music Bar, Brighton

31/3/12 - The Hope, Brighton

26/2/12 - The Anchor Hotel, Horsham

24/2/12 - The Green Door Store, Brighton

26/1/12 - The Latest Music Bar, Brighton

06/1/12 - The Tanners Arms, Horsham

05/01/12 - The Metropolitan, London

29/12/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

26/11/11 - The Hope, Brighton

27/10/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

13/10/11 - The Green Door Store, Brighton

15/9/11 - The Latest Music Bar, Brighton

10/9/11 - The Station Hotel, Brighton

12/8/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

1/8/11 - The Cobblers Thumb, Brighton

21/7/11 - The Tanners Arms, Horsham

17/7/11 - The Hydrant, Brighton

9/7/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

28/6/11 - The Good Ship, London

4/6/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

7/5/11 - The Rosehill Tavern, Brighton

1/5/11 - Goodhuman, London

10/4/11 - The Latest Music Bar, Brighton

19/3/11 - The Hove Centre, Hove

4/3/11 - The Globe, Brighton

26/2/11 - The Hope, Brighton

18/10/10 - The Prince Albert, Brighton

16/10/10 - The Cowley Club, Brighton

8/10/10 - The Three And Ten, Brighton

20/5/10 - The Providence, Brighton

6/5/10 - The Barn, Portsmouth

4/5/10 - Audio, Brighton

29/4/10 - Sanctuary Cella, Hove

6/4/10 - The Hop Poles, Brighton

1/4/10 - Sanctuary Cella, Hove

31/3/10 - Camden Head, London

19/3/10 - Grub Cafe, East Grinstead

15/3/10 - Mr Wolf's, Bristol

13/3/10 - St Mary's Club, Wednesbury

26/2/10 - The Cobbler's Thumb, Brighton

18/2/10 - Sanctuary Cella, Hove

27/1/10 - The Ritzy, London

21/1/10 - The Brunswick, Hove

11/12/09 - Gary's Live Music Club, Coolham

30/11/09 - Latest Music Bar, Brighton

20/11/09 - Town Hall, Horsham

24/10/09 - Grub Cafe, East Grinstead

15/10/09 - Sanctuary Cella, Hove

10/10/09 - The White Knight, Crawley

1/10/09 - The Drawing Room, Glasgow

28/9/09 - Mr Wolf's, Bristol

27/9/09 - The Robin, Wolverhampton

26/9/09 - St Mary's Club, Wednesbury

13/9/09 - Madame Geisha's, Brighton

30/7/09 - Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

4/7/09 - North Nibley Music Festival, Gloucestershire

27/6/09 - Lapstock Festival, Devon

16/6/09 - Grub Cafe, East Grinstead

24/10/08 - Ete, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

16/8/08 - Ete, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

2/8/07 - Cranfield University, Melbourne, Australia

9/7/07 - Arthouse, Melbourne, Australia

18/12/06 - The Globe, Brighton

29/10/06 - The Holbrook Centre, Horsham

16/8/06 - Village Hall, Copsale

1/7/06 - The Hobbit, Southampton

24/6/06 - Gardenbury Festival, Hove

10/6/06 - The Bridge House, Copsale

21/2/06 - The Western Front, Brighton

Live Press

"Treating us to a beautiful acoustic set, Stick in a Pot managed to shake the crowds ‘tuesday blues’ and create a warm fuzzy feeling within the venue. Managing to uniquely weave their instruments in and around their beautiful vocals each and every song took you on a bit of a journey." - Brighton Calling - see here

" ...a harmonic, folksy outfit, with a sound not a million miles away from the Fleet Foxes. " - AAHorsham - see here

"A Number More Than Nothing At All" Press

" A grower as much as it is instantly likeable;...there's a real tapestry of sound weaving the songs together.. " - Not For Resale - see here

" There’s something very warm and cosy about A Number More than Nothing At All, the debut album from Sussex six-piece (sic) Stick In A Pot.... Stick In a Pot are a clear cut above the rest. " - Neon Filler - see here

" The cream of the crop right now... Debut album A Number More Than Nothing At All released on independent label Sad Sentry Records is a ten-track album that takes the listener through a multitude of emotions.. " - The Dwarf - see here

" ...a showcase of excellently intertwining vocal and multi-instrumental noise.... A Number More Than Nothing At All is a cohesively tight debut album.. " - The 405 - see here

"When The Monsters Arrive" Press

"a stick that sparkles.... quirky, jangly,..... infectious tunes." - The Resident

"tender, but frayed songs....the way they wallow in acoustica and then emerge shrouded in a bout of fine pop.., is impressive. Stick In A Pot engage in a fuzzy blur of traditional British folk and a shiny happy version of something not far from a classic REM. " - Manchester Music - see here

"..varied ...whimsical ..... wobbly... Blessed with an airy voice, Blewett’s vocal treads lightly .... worldy charm and vulnerability ...." - Tasty Fanzine - see here

"delightfully lo-fi tunes...a most welcome tonic." - mINtSOUTH - see here

Stick In A Pot is the leafless moniker defoliated by the song writing of multi-instrumentalist Piers Blewett. Formed in 2006 originally as a bedroom recording project, Stick In A Pot grew to include guitarists Richard Joy and Tom Patterson, and began playing the occasional show around the south of England.

In 2007 Piers went abroad for two years, and while there played a handful of solo shows in Melbourne, Australia and Ha Noi, Viet Nam, and recorded in studios in both cities. The Melbourne sessions resulted in the debut EP ‘When The Monsters Arrive’ released on Sad Sentry Records in the summer of 2009, and featured a number of contributions from guitarist James Hynes from local legends the R.I.P. Rides!!!.

Once back in the UK, Ollie Barron was recruited to the live line-up before this release, Richard returned to the band, then Stick In A Pot gigged extensively around the UK to promote the record.

During the same summer Stick In A Pot commenced work on their debut album ‘A Number More Than Nothing At All’, recorded with Ed Chivers from local electro-noise duo AK/DK, in Brighton and Horsham, and it was released in April 2011 on Sad Sentry Records, garnering good press both in the UK and overseas.

In the autumn of 2010 Stick In A Pot became a five piece when Adam Whittles, bassist from Annie Jump Kannon, and pianist Alex Hay, from The Meow Meows joined the band. Stick In A Pot are currently recording their second album, and playing frequent live shows. Also just before christmas 2011, Tom Woerndl joined the band on drums.

Along the way Stick In A Pot have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with - Frank Turner, Ben Marwood, Stuart Warwick (Jacob's Stories), PJ Bond (US), Sparrow, Twin Brother, The Roseville Band, Adam Ant (with his Gob Sausage Project) and many more.

Stick In A Pot are currently putting the finishing touches to their second album.